Enterprise Wireless is able to partner with companies and governments to assist delivery of complex projects and programs. Enterprise Wireless will look for the highest quality materials, best prices, and lowest risk to create and maintain the smooth supply chainsWith purchasing experience on projects of all scales, Enterprise Wireless partners with the best strategic suppliers for basic and fabricated materials, logistics partners for delivery and inspection, and financial reconciliations and inventory controls.We always look to partner with safe, ethical, and environmentally responsible contractors and vendors, Enterprise wireless are able to deliver high quality, cost effective procurement services.Enterprise Wireless’s contract and procurement professionals provides a range of services including;
• management of contracts,
• purchasing,
• tendering,
• award formation and administration,
• inspection,
• expediting,
• quality control,
• logistics, and
• materials management.

Every vendor/contractor we look into goes through a pre-qualification process, and must meet our supplier code of conduct, anti-corruption guidelines, and safety standards
Services include:
• Market research / intelligence
• Procurement planning
• Sub-contracting & vendor sourcing
• Transportation & logistics support
• Warehousing & inventory