IoT, BYOD and Mobility Solutions, WiFi

Enterprise Wireless is focused on solution selling and problem solving, to provide clients with the ultimate customer experience, from project conception to implementation.

This vision is achieved by combining world-class wireless mobility solutions with creative thinking, innovative ideas, following best practices and validated reference designs.  Wireless access has changed the workplace dramatically over the years, so it’s crucial that the Access Points you select do the job that you need.

Enterprise Wireless will aid in the selection process, ensuring the right products and technologies are chosen to achieve a specific outcome.  With the growth of mobile and IoT devices, IT more than ever require deeper insights about how the network is performing.  With cloud based solutions or hardware/software based offerings, predicting problems before there are disruptions to connectivity, app quality and RF coverage is essential.

The Enterprise Wireless stages of a project are to firstly determine the customer requirements, type of network (Number of SSID’s, number of users, types of applications), perform a desktop analysis to place and visualise AP coverage with predictive heat-maps on floor-plans of the customers building.

This is later verified with an onsite pre-deployment RF site survey using the proposed radio(s) in the predicted locations and making changes accordingly.  Moving to the installation, terminating, labeling and testing of the structured cabling system to support the enterprise wireless network, understanding and integrating with existing customer services for RADIUS and to define switch configurations (VLANs, Subnets and Ports)  or consulting/implementing the necessary changes on their behalf. Integrating with 3rd party services such as Firewalls. NAC (Network Access Control), provisioning a tailored Guest Captive Portal with rich functionality. On completion, a post-install RF site survey is carried out to verify coverage and capacity, aid with client on-boarding (as required), define analytics, reporting and optimisation.  All installations are closed out by providing detailed reports and network drawings on completion (Final As Built).  We aim to help empower businesses to achieve the following objectives:

  • Higher Capacity
  • Improved Coverage
  • Provide relevant and reliable analytics
  • Higher Speeds
  • Global Reach
  • Client Aware
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any device
  • Move to Paperless
  • Collaboration
  • Seamless voice and video
  • Provide seamless connectivity between distributed or branch office locations
  • Support a greater number of mobile devices connected simultaneously